Elegant row houses with black gated entryways

Central FL Hard Money Loans At 9-12% Interest

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Residential Fix & Flip, BRRRR, & Buy N Hold Hard Money Loans For The Central FL Area. Today’s Rates: 7.99-12.99% Interest Only With Leverage Up To 85% Loan To Cost Based On Credit & Experience….

As Flippers & Investors Ourselves, We Understand Your Needs

investment properties in Central FL Florida
From Handyman deals like this one, to foreclosures, to great looking but cheap investment properties, join our Buyers List to see our current list of cheap properties.
Hard money is a necessary evil. We get it, and we try to take as much evil and pain out of the process as possible for flippers. Take a look at some of our most popular offerings. If you’re looking for loan terms, ours are simple.

We have no application fee. No backing out at the last minute, no screwing with your deals. You won’t pay thousands in junk fees so we can advertise fake low interest rates (anyone experienced guys know what we are talking about).


Guidelines For 1 Year Purchase Loans

  • Investment property only located in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, & Utah
  • Max 85% loan to purchase of the As-Is Value with good credit, 75% loan to purchase price with lower credit scores
  • Only 1st position liens
  • No 2nd mortgage allowed. We can refinance a 1st mortgage (A Rate & Term refinance)
  • Clear and marketable title required
  • Properties are titled in land trust or corporate name
  • Interest only monthly payments
  • No pre-payment penalty


  • Cash out max 65% LTV of AS-IS Value


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