Earn 8-11% Interest investing in whole note hard money loans. From $50,000 to Institutional levels

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Q. What is the APR for loans originated by Boyd Management?

A. We have a variety of different note options available for investors. Depending on your appetite for risk and return, investors can make anywhere from 6-11% interest on notes secured by real estate. Rates of return are based on our investors appetite for certain types of loans and Loan-To-Value requirements. The less investors interested in certain types of loans, the higher your return will likely be. Typically notes that have less investor interest are associated with higher levels of risk such as new construction loans, or georgraphic areas like Miami, FL. If you are interested in higher returns please let us know.

Q. What is the typical amount invested for each individual mortgage note from Boyd Management.

A. Our notes range from 50K up to $1,000,000+

Q. When do you receive monthly interest payments as an investor?

A.  Interest payments are released monthly on the last friday of the month.

Q.  Is my loan insured?

A. Yes, all mortgage notes originated by Boyd Management are insured using a Lender’s Mortgage Title Policy. This policy transfer to you the investor when you purchase on of our notes. The property is also insured with an Owner’s Title Policy and Property Insurance Policy.

Q. What is the term of most loan investments.

A. The majority of our loans have a term of 12 months, but some are up to 5 years for buy/rent strategies. 5 year notes tend to be at lower interest rates to borrowers and provide a yield for note investors than 1 year notes, but have less competition for buying. Investors can expect 6-8% returns investing 5 year notes on non-owner occupied property at loans no higher than 60% of purchased or appraisal value.

Q. What happens when the mortgage I am invested in pays off?

A. When the mortgage your invested in pays off you will receive the principle and any interest accrued that month. In most cases Boyd Management will have a new loan available to invest your money in immediately to maximize your APR.

Q. What if a property depreciates over the term of the loan?

A.  Our hard money terms are have low 1 year terms unlike traditional mortgages that limit the time sensitivity to price fluctuations.

Q. Can I get my Investment returned prior to the term of the loan?

A.  If you the investor has an emergency and needs your funds we will attempt to sell the note to another investors to free up your money free of charge. If no other investors are available, you may need to consider selling your loan at a discount.