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Our FixNFlip Programs

Boyd offers a wide variety of fix and flip (FixNFlip) loans for the real estate investor looking to purchase and rehab an investment property. Our full offering of FixNFlip, Construction, Cash Out, and Bridge loan programs provide investors the ability to capitalize on the real estate opportunities.  At Boyd our mission is to be the financial engine to drive your real estate business forward and help achieve real estate goals.


For the investor who wants to purchase and renovate an investment property in order to sell it.

Loans Up to 90% of Purchase and Rehab Costs
Loan to ARV: Up to 75%
Term Length: 13 months

Bridge Plus

For the investor looking to quickly purchase or refinance for resale or bridge to long term financing

LTV: 80%
Experience: 5+ completed flips in the last 24 months
Term Length: 13 months


For the investor who owns an investment property or fully platted lot free-and-clear and is in need of capital for construction.

Loan to ARV: 70%
Term Length: 13 months

Cash Out

For the investor who owns an investment property free-and-clear and desires to leverage that property for any reason.

Down Payment: 0% (if property is owned outright)
Loan to As-Is Value: 50%
Term Length: 13 months

Fix & Flip Loan Rates Overview

Level Completed Flips Origination Fee Interest Rate Loan-to-Cost Loan-to-ARV Interest on Undrawn Construction?
1 0 2 – 3.5% 9.75 – 12% 90% 70% Yes
2 1-4 1.75 – 3% 9.25 – 11% 90% 70% Yes
3 5 – 11 1.25 – 2% 8.5 – 10% 90% 75% No
4 12-23 1 – 1.75% 8 – 9.5% 90% 75% No
5 24+ 1 – 1.5% 7 – 9.5% 90% 75% No

Final rates vary based on LTV, loan type, loan amount, verification of application information, and other risk based factors.